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When the Men Cry

Dear friends,

I recently returned from Japan where I taught the Connection Practice (known as “BePeace” in spiritual communities) and I certified 13 more Japanese trainers.

On the first day of my course, I was happy to see that five men had signed up to participate. I noticed a lot of tension in their faces on that first day and one man, in particular, seemed to feel out of place.  By the afternoon of the second day, I asked for a volunteer to present an issue so that I could demonstrate how the complete Connection Practice works.  I was surprised when the man (let’s call him “Jiro”) who had seemed so uncomfortable, raised his hand and I asked him to come forward.  

As Jiro sat next to me, he shared how frustrated he was with himself for never speaking up.  As a boy, he had been free to express himself at school, but not at home.  Eventually the person that he was at home became his default for living. I began to guess Jiro’s feelings and needs – Are you sad because you value self-expression?  “Yes, “ he affirmed. “Are you frustrated because you often wanted to be heard?”  “Yes, all the time, he said. “Are you hurt and yearn for acceptance?” A tear slid down his cheek.

I led him into heart-brain coherence, a way of getting the heart and brain in sync so that it is possible to access insights when we are facing a challenge.  As he closed his eyes and moved into a positive feeling state, he silently asked himself, “What do I need to know?”  Before long, another tear slid down his cheek and he opened his eyes.  “Did something come up for you?” I asked.  “I saw a happy little boy and I knew I could bring him back into my life.”

By the end of the third day of the course, I looked around at the small groups being led by trained facilitators.  I was so touched to see that the majority of the men in each group were crying. What an honor it was to help them find emotional safety and freedom.

To grow spiritually, we need the inner life skills that this practice can give us.  When we teach it in Unity, we teach the spiritual version, BePeace.  I invite you to explore this way to transform yourself and to positively impact others as well.  We are regularly offering courses, including a fast track to certification as a trainer, and practice groups are available too. Check the calendar for dates and times.  Once you put your toe in the water of this powerful methodology, I’m guessing you will want to take a deep dive.

Oceans of Love,
Rita Marie