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Let Us Support You in Creating Your Spiritual Wedding or Commitment Ceremony.
For more information: email info@unitysanjose.org or call us at (408) 839-8153. 
For important policies regarding your ceremony, please see below
  • Positive and Inclusive Spiritual Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies
  • Support in Creating Your Own Spiritual Ceremony
First, let us congratulate you on your engagement! We send you our blessings and love for a rich and loving relationship.  
Now is the time to start planning in order to make your day an extra special and unique spiritual experience.  Your wedding or union is a celebration and confirmation of a heart-centered bond that has brought you and your loved one together to share life’s journey. 
A Positive Path For Spiritual Living, Unity Spiritual Center of San Jose may be the ideal place for your wedding or commitment ceremony. Our inclusive wedding policy respects the diversity of society, welcoming all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, creed, or religious affiliation. We offer positive, spiritual, non-denominational ceremonies and a peaceful, inspirational environment.  Any special readings or poems can be included within your ceremony by request. We will work with you to customize your wedding to meet both your expectations and specifications.
Unity honors all spiritual and religious paths. We attract many couples who do not have a church home, or for some reason cannot be married in their own church. Please know that Unity membership or attending a Unity class is not required, although we do invite you to explore Unity at a Saturday service (10:00 – 11:15 a.m.).
Our Spiritual Leader, Reverend Rita Marie Johnson, provides wedding and commitment ceremonies that are contemporary and spiritually supportive of each couple. She assists all couples in creating their own spiritual ceremony reflecting their beliefs and values. She is also available to travel to a venue of your choice to perform your ceremony.  To receive more details along with a free PDF brochure, please send email to: info@unitysanjose.org.


Reserving a Date

Ceremony dates are reserved by a deposit on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  You are encouraged to make arrangements as far in advance as possible, although short-notice (1 month or less) may be possible provided that Rev. Rita Marie's calendar can accommodate your specific date and time.
Required Deposit for Minister:  $250
Your ministerial deposit will reserve your ceremony date with the officiating Minister.  
The remaining balance of $250 for the officiating Minister is due 3 weeks prior to your ceremony. 
Checks for the officiating Minister are to be made payable to “Rev. Rita Marie Johnson.”  We also accept credit/debit cards (in person, or by phone.)
Full Payment for both the Minister is due at least three weeks prior to your ceremony day.


A full refund will be given if a cancellation occurs more than 60-days prior to the ceremony date. Refunds after 60-days are at the discretion of Unity Spiritual Center of San Jose.

Holiday Ceremonies - Extra Fee due to officiating Minister:  $300

The Holiday Ceremony fee applies if the ceremony is held on any of the seven major holidays (i.e., New Year's Eve and Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Day).  Full amount due and payable 3 weeks prior to the ceremony.


Some ceremonies, such as very small ceremonies, can be done without a formal rehearsal. However, if many people are involved in the ceremony, a rehearsal is suggested. A simple rehearsal may be held the day before or up to one week prior to the ceremony. 

Pre-Ceremony Meeting

Except for informal ceremonies, couples are asked to meet with our Spiritual Leader, Rev. Rita Marie Johnson, prior to the ceremony for an orientation meeting. This meeting usually lasts about 60 minutes, and is held to go over the ceremony, complete financial arrangements, and answer questions. The orientation meeting is not pre-marital counseling.

Premarital Counseling

Planning, preparing and hosting a wedding can be a very demanding time.  In order to help prepare the both of you for a happy life of wedded / committed bliss, Rev. Rita Marie is available to assist you in making this experience a joyful one by providing you with premarital counseling.  Working together with Rev. Rita Marie, you will explore and create a ceremony that reflects the union of your hearts. This is optional.  No additional fee.
The essence of a wedding is the joining of two spirits into one spirit that is greater than the individuals.

Ceremonies at Other Locations

Our Spiritual Leader, Rev. Rita Marie, is available to perform ceremonies at locations outside of our church.  Please send email to ritamarieunity@gmail.com to discuss the details regarding your choice of location.

Marriage Licenses - Helpful Information

A California marriage license is required for all weddings (with the exception of Commitment and Re-Commitment Ceremonies). Please bring your marriage license with you on your wedding day! 
For Santa Clara County Marriage License information, please visit: http://www.sccgov.org/sites/rec/Marriage%20Licenses/Pages/Applying-for-a-Marriage-License.aspx 

Helpful Ceremony Websites

www.bridesclub.com - Register to make contact with local services (caterers, photographers, florists, limos, rentals, etc.)
www.theknot.com - "Everything you need for weddings"
www.idotaketwo.com - For those planning a second wedding
For any questions regarding our policies please email our wedding coordinator, Francine Bacchini, at info@unitysanjose.org or contact her directly at 408-839-8153.
In Unity, ministers perform christenings of infants and children.  Rose petals are used rather than water, symbolizing the innate beauty of the soul and calling it into expression.  Rev. Rita Marie can perform christenings as part of a Saturday service or in a private ceremony.  She meets with parents prior to the christening to explain and personalize the ceremony.
Suggested donation when christening is part of the Sunday service:  $75
Suggested donation when christening is a private ceremony using Unity facilities:  $150
Memorial Services
In Unity, memorial services are a way to reaffirm our faith in eternal life and bless the transition of our loved one into his or her next experience in living.  Rev. Rita Marie meets with family members prior to the service to explain and personalize the ceremony.  Family members and friends are encouraged to collaborate on the music and participate in the eulogy.  If live music is desired, Rev. Rita Marie can suggest local musicians to be hired by the family.  The music could also be provided through CDs.  A Power Point slide show of the loved one can also be used.
The cost for the minister to officiate at the memorial service is $250.  Upon request, the minister can also officiate at offsite memorial services.
If you are interested in one of these ceremonies, please contact Rev. Rita Marie at ritamarieunity@gmail.com or call her directly at 214-458-4345..