A positive path for spiritual living

Reverend Lennis Baugh


No matter where you have come from or where your journey has taken you, you are welcome at Unity Spiritual Center of San Jose (USCSJ).

If you are looking for a positive way of life based on spiritual principles and spiritual teachings then Unity Spiritual Center of San Jose could be exactly what you have been looking for.

At Unity of San Jose we recognize the Divinity of all and are committed to learning how to demonstrate, inspire and motivate ourselves and others in practicing the teachings of all of the great spiritual masters.

As a community we practice and demonstrate to the best of our ability Truth teachings free from shame, guilt and fear. We value and honor Love.

The most common statement from USCSJ congregants is, when looking for a spiritual home and community, arriving at Unity was like "coming home."

Reverend Lennis Baugh considers himself to be a Californian at heart. After living in the Northwest for the past twelve years and in Missouri two years prior to that, he has returned home to the Bay Area.

In 2002 Rev. Lennis left his home in Modesto, CA, to attend the Ministerial Education Program at Unity Institute located at Unity Village, Missouri. He was ordained as a Unity Minister in 2002 and moved to the Northwest, where he began his first full time ministry with Unity. His work as a Unity Minister has consisted of assisting Unity Centers as a guest speaker, workshop leader, counselor and Senior Minister. He is currently serving as Senior Minister at Unity Spiritual Center of San Jose.

Rev. Lennis’s awareness of his spiritual walk began in 1981 when he had a spiritual awakening that lead him to the 12 step programs of recovery. Through his experience with the 12 steps (a journey inward) he developed a relationship with a God of love, compassion, joy, and grace. With this new discovery came an excitement and a desire to grow spiritually, which launched him into an exploration of spiritual growth and a study of world religions. After many years of study, meditation, and other spiritual practices, he began looking for a spiritual home that would embrace his understanding, that growing spiritually is an inward journey, and began attending Unity of Modesto, CA. Within minutes of attending his first service he knew that he was home. He attended services off and on for several years until Unity of Modesto hired Larry Schelinck as their Senior Minister. Larry and his wife Denese quickly became a couple of key people in grooming and encouraging Rev. Lennis to embrace the idea of becoming a minister in Unity. Soon after the arrival of Larry and Denese, Lennis started serving his spiritual community in whatever capacity he could.

His service at Unity of Modesto included, being a facilitator of men’s groups, in home study group trainer, prayer chaplain, YOU director, board member, substitute speaker, and whatever else he could do to be of service. He fell in love with Unity in Modesto.

Rev. Baugh left a family business in automotive repair in 1983 and spent the majority of his work life as a trained professional counselor, working with all forms of addiction and co-dependency issues. For over 25 years, prior to his ordination, he was highly respected in his field as a counselor.  He developed programs and worked in lead positions at several treatment centers.

Rev. Lennis earned a BA degree in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, California, and an MA degree in Creation Spirituality from Naropa University/University of Creation Spirituality, Oakland, California. He was ordained in June 2002 after completing the Ministerial Education Program at Unity School, Unity Village, Missouri.

On a more playful note, Rev. Lennis knows the importance of staying in that childlike energy that leads us to our true nature as children of the Divine. He loves and promotes having a playful spirit in all that we do. In most of his experiences with his family, friends, and colleagues he has learned that there is very little that promotes healthy relationships more than people playing and having fun together. He affirms that in all of his studies play seems to be a key component that keeps us healthy and vibrating with Spirit in a way that enables us to experience the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now. His children and close friends love his playful spirit and the way that he keeps the childlike wonder alive.