A positive path for spiritual living

New Year Affirmation

This was passed out at last Sunday's Burning Bowl service (January 4, 2015). It is great!



To think of myself as a Divine Being expressing God

To see myself radiant in this God Light

To let the light so shine through me that all shall see

my God works

To get the Divine vision of my life.


To never doubt my vision

To build a greater sense of faith and hold to it

To think not of weakness and shortcomings but of

the God power expressing in their stead.


To expect the God in me to manifest

To admit no discouragement

To put into life a positive charge

To express Divine Love toward all.


To never be critical – never severe

To refrain from speaking the unkind word

To help everyone express their Divine side

To joy in the success of all, as I do in my own.


To recognize my body as the temple of the Living God

To think health, talk health, and see health

To release the adequacy of God for my every need

To think and talk abundance

To know my never – failing supply in life.

To be so positive in all my ways as to be a tower of strength to all.


Thus my Unity of Being is sustained in my awareness of the Allness of God.

-Author Unknown