A positive path for spiritual living

Minister's Message

Hello friend,

I’ve heard many people say, “I’ve had negative experiences in spiritual groups so I’m not doing that anymore.”  I relate to that sentiment because I’ve had similar experiences.  But I know it doesn’t have to be that way and we are proving it at this Unity center.

I’m committed to creating a community where every voice is valued. We had a beautiful experience of that process when we updated our mission and vision through the involvement of the entire congregation.  This was the result:

  •     Vision: One in Spirit, our loving, creative community empowers positive living.
  •     Mission: To love deeply, grow daily, teach wisely and serve joyfully.
  •     Inclusion: We honor the Divinity in all and respect each person’s path to spiritual growth.

If these words resonate in your heart, then I hope you will join us in making them real every day in our center.  Authenticity is essential in the spiritual life and our community is a safe place to express your feelings, needs and creative ideas. 

We have a new tool to help ensure that we walk our talk in spiritual community.  It’s called the BePeace Practice.  I created it over 12 years ago and I’ve repeatedly witnessed the difference it makes in being able to be authentic without hurting each other. We are now offering BePeace courses on a regular basis so that our members develop a skill that enhances relationships.

Sometimes spiritual gatherings appear to be a spectator sport – Sundays are often focused on the minister speaking a powerful, entertaining message.  I’m getting away from that model by having more interactive experiences on Sundays.  At the same time, no one in the audience is put in a position where they feel vulnerable.  My aims are to create emotional safety, dynamic spiritual growth and caring community.

Many people get spiritually fed by watching programs on TV or on the internet.  I’m all for getting inspiration wherever we can.  At the same time, nothing can replace the deep connection that flows among like-minded friends who have shared profound growth. We can only get a hug from one of those friends if we show up in person. That’s what I want and that’s what we are creating at this spiritual center.  If you want that as well, then join us at any of our activities and we will welcome you with open hearts.

Blessings of peace and joy,

Rev. Rita Marie