A positive path for spiritual living

Experience Love at a Profound Level

I started as minister at Unity Spiritual Center of San Jose on January 1, 2016.  What a fantastic way to start my new year! Since then, I’ve been getting to know each person who attends here. We met in small groups in January for heart-to-heart talks and now I can call all of you by name. It’s important to me to really connect with each other.  Otherwise we rarely touch the deeper joys of spiritual community.  We need to know each other if we want to experience Love at a profound level.  
After getting acquainted in January, we got collectively creative.  We updated our vision and mission statements and added an inclusion statement:
  • Vision: One in Spirit, our loving, creative community empowers positive living.
  • Mission: To love deeply, grow daily, teach wisely and serve joyfully. 
  • Inclusion: We honor the Divinity in all and respect each person’s path to spiritual growth. 
Wow, what an achievement!  These statements are energetic, caring and inspiring. 
Now that we’ve declared who we are, what we want and how we will get there, we’re ready for the next step; gaining greater skill in connecting within ourselves and with others.  We will have that opportunity at the BePeace Course on March 11-12.  We already have 30 participants signed up and can only accept 32, because of space limitations for small groups.  If you aren’t able to participate this time, I will be offering this course again in the future.  
Our community has a history of overcoming challenges and has a strong foundation of spiritually mature individuals. Now we are sizzling with possibilities and jumping with joy as each step we take is bonding us and growing us. 
I’m committed with all my heart to this great experiment in the collective embodiment of Love and Wisdom - and to each person who is a part of it.  If you’re committed too, we will have a grand adventure together that will become our legacy. What could be more exciting?
Oceans of Love,
Rev. Rita Marie